Friday, March 21, 2014

Woman pleads not guilty in possible texting, driving death

Our family is saddened by Carlas choice to plead Not Guilty.  We will all wait for another month for a possible trial date to be scheduled or to see if Carla decides to enter a plea deal. We all know that this accident was just that. An Accident.  I'm sure this woman did not intend to kill my dad or cause extreme injury to my mom but she did make a lot of mistakes that day and she DID ultimately cause the death of my dad by being distracted. She also chose to be uninsured, which left our family with the financial responsibility to cover all of the medical bills. We hope she will take responsibility for her actions and hopefully someday be able to say "I'm Sorry." She needs our prayers just as much or more than our family does.

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Woman pleads not guilty in possible texting, driving death

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Distracted Driving Bill Passed!!

Last week a new bill was passed that would make any dialing or touching your phones screen illegal while driving. You can still talk on your phone and use speaker, siri or any other hands free apps to make a phone call, it is just illegal to look down and type on your phone now. This will help law enforcement officers be able to enforce the already existing texting law. We hope this will help people to see how dangerous and distracting looking down to type on your phone is! HUGE thanks to Senator Urquhart and Rep Don Ipson for their work presenting and passing this bill! And to our city attorney Shawn Guzman. It has been a year in the making and we are so relieved to see it come to pass!

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